iRingtones Preferences

1. General Preference Pane

Here you can choose where you want to save the ringtones you create.
By default your ringtones will be saved to your Desktop. Using the pop-up menu, you can select any other folder that suits you best.

In iTunes, your ringtones have to be shorter than 40 seconds. iRingtones can automatically adjust your ringtone length should it be longer. This option toggles the auto-adjustment window display.

Once you ringtone has been created, you can ask iRingtones to bring you back to the application drop zone when your ringtone has been added to iTunes so you can go on with the next one.

2. iTunes Preference Pane

iRingtones default behavior is to automatically add the ringtones you create to your iTunes library. However, you might decide that is not what you want. In such case, simply uncheck Add ringtone to iTunes Ringtones playlist.
If iTunes is set to Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library, you can check the Trash created ringtones after import so you don't keep duplicates on your hard drive.

Finally, you can set iRingtones to tell iTunes to synchrinize your iPhone when you quit the application, or you can use the Sync Device menu item to do it anytime.

3. Keyboard Preference Pane

This pane offers you a quick and easy way to customize your keyboard shortcut in order to speed up ringtone editing. Feel free to use the ones that you like best.

Additionally, on the latest multi-touch laptop trackpads, you can pinch to zoom, just like you would zoom in Preview.

4. Updates Preference Pane

The second time you launch iRingtones, it will ask you if you would like the application to automatically check for newer version on our servers so you can keep up to date with iRingtones developement. Software Updates are free so it is generally a good thing to keep up with our development cycle.
iRingtones Drop Area.

You can also choose not to check for updates automatically and manually check for newer versions using the update preference pane.
Open the application Preferences from iRingtones menu, and click the Update icon from the preferences window's toolbar. Then click the Check Now button to perform a check.
iRingtones Drop Area.

You can set the interval you want iRingtones to perform its checks using the lower pop-up menu. Checking Weekly is a good thing.