iRingtones Registration

If you like iRingtones and want to buy a user license to remove the trial limitations, you can use any of the many Buy buttons that you see all around the demo application. Don't panic, all of these will disappear when you register iRingtones.

Alternatively, you can go to Cocoamug Website and visit our store to buy iRingtones and maybe even other software you like. We highly recommend CosmoPod !

iRingtones icon Once your order has been processed and your payment has been confirmed by PayPal, we will send your license key by email with to the primary address you specified in your PayPal account setup. This process is automatic and usually takes a few seconds. If you did not received your license key file after 12 hours, please check your spam filter and mail us so we can sort it out.

There are several way to register iRingtones. The easiest way if probably to double-click the license key your received from Cocoamug directly from your Mail application. If you are using a webmail, you need to save the attachement to your computer first on your Desktop for example and then double-click it.
You can also select Enter License Key from iRingtones menu and select the license key file you saved on your computer.

In case something goes wrong after you purchased iRingtones or if you have any question about licensing, please write us to