Replay Quickstart

1. Open Replay

In order to capure video streams, Replay needs to be running when you're browsering the web. Open Replay from your Applications folder or click the application icon located in your dock.
Please note that a Setup Assistant wizard will guide you the first time you open Replay in order to properly setup your Mac for Replay.

Replay application icon
Replay application icon

2. Surf the web as you usually do

Now that Replay is running, just surf the web as you usually do with your favourite browser. This can be Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, ... any browser will do. When Replay detects a video, the Dock application icon will bounce and you will locate the stream Replay caught in Replay's main table
Replay displaying streams freshly discovered.

3. Download and convert

Once a stream has been identified, you can adjust the format you want to convert the video to, decide wether or not you want to add it to your iTunes and capture it by clicking the Download button.
Replay download in Progress

4. To sum up ...

Saving and converting videos is really easy with Replay:
  • Open Replay
  • Surf the web and wait for Replay to find videos
  • Adjust your conversion settings and clcik the Download button to add a video to your iTunes library