User Manual


How do I Install TabExposé ?

To install TabExposé, download the latest version from our website.
Make sure you save your important work on Safari and quit the web browser for a moment. This is very important.
Open TabExpose archive and start TabExposé Installer.
When the install is completed, you can restart Safari.

TabExposé is installed.
Do I need to configure anything else ?

To customize your TabExposé shortcut key, open Safari's Preferences and go to TabExposé pane.
If you want to add a button in your address bar to invoke TabExposé, go to Safari View menu and select Customize Toolbar. Then drag & drop TabExposé icon to your toolbar.

TabExposé and Apple Exposé

If you just installed your Mac, the default Exposé settings should play well with TabExposé. If you did customize your Exposé settings however, you might need to adjust them in order to use TabExposé.

• This is the most common problem. The symptom is simple, when you invoke TabExposé from Safari, you will get nothing but a empty window •

To fix that, open System Preferences and go to Exposé & Spaces and make sure the Application Windows key is set to one of the function keys (F1 ... F12).

How do I Uninstall TabExposé ?

TabExposé is located inside the InputManagers folder of your computer's Library folder.
To uninstall it, simply delete it from there (it will ask you to authenticate as your computer administrator) and restart Safari.
If you are running TabExposé 2.2 on Mac OS 10.6, please uninstall it by following the next easy steps :

  • Quit Safari
  • Remove TabExpose from /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/TabExpose.bundle
  • Start Safari

If you are running TabExposé 2.1 Beta on Mac OS 10.6, please uninstall it by following the next easy steps :
  • Quit Safari
  • Open Activiy Monitor and search for the Pumba process, if it’s still running quit it
  • Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Pumba/TabExpose.bundle (please make sure you do delete to Pumba folder too)
  • Remove ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/PumbaLoader.osax
  • Remove ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.cocoamug.Pumba.plist
  • Start Safari


Download - Free Trial!


TabExposé (version 2.3)

Download the full version, and remove the trial limitation by purchasing a license.


Requires Mac OS 10.4 and Safari.